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In our previous blog posts, we have given you plenty of reasons to consider working in Spain and Switzerland, but now it is time to introduce the wonderfully vibrant city of London, where our office is currently based.

There are plenty of big cities in Europe that can be considered as metropolises but London is the one that often stands out. A city with 8.6 million people has proved itself to be a very attractive destination for both businesses and ambitious professionals. As a result, London is a fantastic place to progress in your Fashion career for a number of reasons:

  1. Working together at top companies with diverse teams and the finest talents

London is the hub for many of the most successful international companies, which also means that professional expertise is highly sought after. At work, you get exposed to diverse set of multicultural people thereby gaining an invaluable experience that will benefit you in your professional career further on. Moreover, with that many talents gathered in the city, you can find them at conferences, meet-ups and other events and casually discover like-minded people.

  1. There is always something happening

The capital city of the United Kingdom has a brilliant entertainment scene – firstly, having one of the most notable theatre scenes in the world, their stage attracts extraordinary acting talents to perform musicals, plays and other performances. Secondly, throughout the history, London has been a birthplace to many of the subcultures and globally famous artists. As Londoners are fond of live music, you can discover new gigs every single day. What’s more, there are plenty of websites and apps to help people find the best music experiences to every taste.

  1. You can discover the cuisine of the world in one city

Safe to say, there are abundant options for food in the city. With number of markets, street food stalls and pop-up cafes, your lunch can really offer wonderful adventures of multicultural tastes. Not to mention the choice of world-class restaurants for people who value the fine dining experience, it is just exceptional!

  1. The transport really takes you to places

Did you know that the Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the world? For a good reason though! The flight options from London to almost any country of preference are reasonably priced, allowing you to easily discover new destinations. As an alternative for flights, you can also take the train straight to other U.K cities and even as far as Paris, Brussels and soon Amsterdam. In addition, everyday commute is made simple with London Tube and Rail – connecting you to the rest of the city without having to suffer in the car traffic.

  1. It is one of the main Fashion capitals for a reason

Twice a year, London Fashion Week attracts the stylish crowd of Fashion buyers, journalists, influencers and other professionals to the city. The occasion is considered one the “Big Four” fashion weeks along with New York, Milan and Paris. Moreover, as soon as the Fashion Week finishes, there will be the Fashion Week Festival –  a designer shopping event, where members of the public can shop from the designers. A true Fashion experience!

As Art and Fashion are very much connected, everyone can take full advantage of the free entrance to the museums in the capital, even in the three of the world’s top ten museums located in London. You should also go and check out the Fashion exhibitions we found most striking.

It is no secret that living in the capital of the United Kingdom isn’t cheap. In fact, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, with all the diverse set of possibilities to enjoy life in the city and advance in your Fashion career, London is really worth it!

18th century English writer Samuel Johnson once said: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,’


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