7 Ways to Make your Wardrobe More Sustainable

We love our Industry but we also need to be aware of its limits and damages to our planet. The fashion industry largely contributes to the polluting of our planet.  One pair of jeans takes on average 7,000 litres of water to make. To put that into context, that’s the amount of water you will […]

What it means to be a Diversity & Inclusivity Advocate: Meet Ananya Rajpoot

As part of our Inclusivity & Diversity week we wanted to give you an example of what it means to be a young advocate in the fashion, beauty and luxury industry and show you that everyone can do their part in creating change. Meet Ananya Rajpoot, a young professional from the luxury industry who moved […]

Harpers Bazaar first female Arab Editor-in-Chief: Meet Salma Awwad

A true inspiration: we interviewed Salma Awwad – the first female Arab former Editor-in-Chief of Harpers Bazaar and founder of her own own innovative fashion-tech brand Sawwad. A graduate of Parsons, she worked in the luxury industry for 15 years for the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industries, such as L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren […]

Fashion Students: Why Internships Are Crucial

We know, We know you have heard it over and over. But here we are to tell you again. Internships in fashion are ESSENTIAL! Internships do not only bring you the hands-on experience that you couldn’t have otherwise, but they are the best way to get your foot into the very important world of networking. We […]

Diversity & Inclusion in the Fashion Industry

As part of our Diversity & Inclusivity week, we thought of sharing an insight in the Fashion business. How the industry is dealing with diversity, what is being done and what can still be done. The lack of Diversity and Inclusivity is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems in fashion. It may seem that Fashion […]

A fashion career in the ‘Post-Covid’ world

As society begins to look beyond the crisis we wonder ‘what will the world look like ‘Post-Covid’?. Looking at the Fashion Industry, it has proved the ability to reinvent itself, being elastic and adapting to the current situation. From super models conducting their own ‘at-home cover shoots’ with their iPhones to full runway shows presented […]