The Rise of Gender Fluid Clothing

The line between gender norms is fast becoming blurred.  The Gen Z generation are huge advocates of breaking down barriers and expectations. One of their focuses is gender-fluid dressing that comes from leaving labels behind. The rise of Tiktok in March 2019 saw a huge influx of male teenagers in crop tops, wearing nail polish […]

NYC Girl Boss – Interviewing Liv Schreiber

Looking for styling advice? Need help promoting your business? Or do you need advice on your career? Liv Schreiber is a real girl boss from NYC and she’s here to fulfil all your lifestyle and fashion needs. Liv Schreiber has over 25k followers on Instagram @liveschreiber, including her marketing agency @brandcaffeine and her styling account @styledbylivschreiber. Since a […]

G&M Services – How We Can Support You

At G&M Fashion Career, we strive to inspire you, realize your full potential, and arm you with the know-how to make a lasting impression in this competitive field.  As recruiters we receive many job applications every single day and know what makes a candidate stand out. We understand the creative industry can be a minefield […]

London Fashion Week 2021 – The Virtual Age

Whilst it’s been a year since the last official physical fashion show, the cancelation of a physical London Fashion Week, which is due this month, still hits hard. Fashion Weeks might be manic, crazy, and filled with outfit changes but they are a huge highlight in the fashion industry. The BFC did announce however, that […]

TikTok’s Influence on the Fashion Industry

When thinking about fashion inspiration and finding the newest trends, Instagram is probably the first platform that comes to mind. After years of influencers, discount codes, and hashtags, Instagram has risen to the top of the most influential and memorable social media platforms. Especially when it comes to the fashion world. In the past year, […]