The Fierce Walker – Inclusivity & Diversity in the Fashion Industry

In an industry that has been built on exclusivity, fashion has often than failed to represent inclusivity & diversity. But times are changing, it’s time for new conversations, the future of the fashion industry is looking much more diverse. Meet digital creator and advocate for inclusivity & diversity: Ryle Tuvierra ‘The Fierce Walker‘.  1. Can […]

How can I relocate to the UK for work? – Advice from an Immigration Lawyer

At G&M Fashion Career we often promote and encourage an international experience or even career path to our community. It is a way to broaden your horizons, work with diversified teams, learn different ways of working and so much more! However, it’s not as easy as packing your bags and moving country (especially when the […]

What does it take? Meet Sofya – Fashion Blogger & Creative Director

Meet Sofya Benzakour, Fashion blogger and founder & creative director of her own brand BAHAAR. We wanted to show you what it means to be a fashion influencer and run your own empire.. so we asked Sofya to tell us her story and reveal some tips! Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?  […]

What it takes to be a young Stylist & Fashion Editor – Meet Juan

Juan Camilo Rodríguez is a Colombian fashion stylist and creative director based in Barcelona. His eye for detail and distinct aesthetic landed him incredible jobs contributing and collaborating with different publications such as Fucking Young!, Numeró Berlin, Rollacoaster, Paper Magazine, and Document Journal amongst many others. 1. Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself? (Age, where […]

Interviewing @girlisart – Becoming an Influencer

Meet Alina Stetcu, Influencer & Blogger who, in her free time, created her blog ‘Girl is Art’ in 2016 with the sole purpose of creating a digital space where she could express herself as well as curating her instagram as a content creator. We asked Alina some questions about what it takes to start a […]

#GMtips How to be a ‘STAND-OUT’ Candidate

Being one of many going through a selection process may seem intimidating… but not if you follow our #GMtips on how to be a ‘Stand-out’ candidate.  HR’s & Recruiters see a lot of CV’s and candidates everyday (Recruiters take an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume – TheLadders) , but what makes you memorable? […]