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Looking for styling advice? Need help promoting your business? Or do you need advice on your career? Liv Schreiber is a real girl boss from NYC and she’s here to fulfil all your lifestyle and fashion needs. Liv Schreiber has over 25k followers on Instagram @liveschreiber, including her marketing agency @brandcaffeine and her styling account @styledbylivschreiber. Since a young age, Liv has been exposed to the fashion industry and has since then made it her mission to inspire and help others in the industry in any way she can. We have interviewed Liv to tell us all about her work as a digital creator, her brands, and her goals.

Hi Liv! Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

Hi! I’m Liv Schreiber, 24 years old, New York City, I went to the University of Wisconsin Madison for journalism and have certificates from Parsons and FIT in the business of fashion.

Can you tell us about your marketing agency called Brand Caffeine,  what is your mission?

We grow fashion companies with an energy that combines paid advertising, content creation and social media strategy

How did you start Brand Caffeine? Where did the inspiration come from?

My cofounder and I (we are twins!) grew up in a fashion family of entrepreneurs and realised that if we could grow our own family company, we could help hundreds of others.

Did you come across any struggles when founding Brand Caffeine? If yes, what were they? 

Every day is about solving problems- we jumped off this cliff and have been building our wings on the way down!

You also offer personal styling. How did you get started with that and where did the idea come from? 

Naturally, my girlfriends ask for styling help. I grew and grew as a stylist, starting with them and eventually moving to other celebrities and entrepreneurs. I now offer the services on my Instagram @livschreiber! 

What do you pay attention to when styling people and what inspires you?

Energy is everything.

You also offer coaching services. What exactly do those entail?

I coach people on career, friendship and college specific endeavours and questions. We do half hour calls that honestly make my week. My goal is to inspire and help as many people as possible.

How would you describe your personal brand and why?

I stand for COLOR and for spreading light, for good energy, go-getter attitudes, kindness. I really stand for kindness. 

What inspired you to become a digital creator and how did you get started?

I needed good quotes to fill my phone with and a positive person to look up to. I couldn’t find either, so I became who I was seeking.

What was the most memorable moment you have had as a digital creator so far and why?

Being asked to walk in the Sorel fashion show for NYFW. It was amazing getting to model off a runway, onto the highline, in front of NYC!

Do you have an inspirational quote you live by?

Keep your thoughts positive because your thought become YOUR WORDS. Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY

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