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Stefano Piovan has been contributing to Gucci’s success as the Marketing Supervisor for an impressive period– for more than a decade. With some incredible persistence to withstand high expectations and time pressure, he has continued to make waves in the fashion house throughout the eras of different Creative Directors, from Tom Ford to Frida Giannini and Alessandro Michele. With unique project experiences and personal stories about the famous Creative Directors up his sleeve, Stefano was happy to share his career story with us.

You were the Marketing Supervisor at Gucci. Tell us, what were your day-to-day responsibilities?

Working for a global brand like Gucci is a wonderfully challenging experience. There are two large in-house structures, one in Milan and the other in Florence, where I was mostly at. My work included a combination of responsibilities for different fields – marketing/image/creative services and print, logistics management. With our great team, we had a lot of photo shootings to manage and numerous meetings to take part of. The meetings were very important to discuss strategies for different projects, it helped us to organize product launches and shootings for the e-shop, catalogues, look books, historical archives and special projects.

For instance, I often organized photo shoots with some of the best photographers, like Guido Mocafico, who is the top still life photographer. Moreover, another part of my job was to research for the best creative people for our next projects and then, once the projects were finished, I organized tons of catalogues to be printed and shipped in a couple of months. These unique people and activities really turned a normal day into especially creative days!

How did you make the transformation from Jacuzzi Group, a company that produces hot tubs, showers, fixtures, bath accessories etc to highly competitive Fashion house Gucci?

In fact, my career path started as an intern in the Gucci Corporate Image Department, during the time when Tom Ford was the Creative Director. After the internship, I collaborated with the Jacuzzi company, but after two years, I found myself back at Gucci, to continue the wonderful adventure I once started. The transformation was not difficult at all because Jacuzzi represents the luxury product design for baths, while Gucci creates luxury products for Fashion and Accessories. These companies are in two different sectors but they both have a similar purpose – to create unique and luxurious products.

“The product shootings, catalogue shipments, advertising campaign management – they are all done in an incredible speed but once you finish the project, you can be truly proud of your work.”

What shocked you the most working in the Luxury Fashion industry?

The pressure! The timing for our projects is very limited and you must make the greatest possible effort in everything you do. The product shootings, catalogue shipments, advertising campaign management – they are all done in an incredible speed but once you finish the project, you can be truly proud of your work.

Also, at first, it was strange for me to get used to working on projects a year ahead. When it was summer outside, we were already organizing for the fall/winter season of the next year. After a while, I got used to it and it came naturally to me.

What does it take to be a Marketing Supervisor for more than a decade in a reputable Fashion house like Gucci?

A great passion for your work and for the Fashion system. You must be a decisive and reactive professional with excellent communication, leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills, and last but not least, you must have a great team spirit.

How has your job affected your lifestyle?

I would like to think opposite – that my lifestyle affected my job. My passion for the Fashion system was ignited years before I started at Gucci, it happened when my dressmakers grandfather and grandmother handed down the passion and respect for this world. Then, my other passions for movies, art, tattoos, photography, street art etc often helped me in creative researches.

The Gucci style is sexy, modern and stylish but during the years, it didn’t affect my own lifestyle. Oh wait! I do now think that Gucci loafers or a Gucci belt is perfect for every style.

What are some of your favourite stories about the creative directors with whom you’ve worked with in Gucci?

  • I have a bright memory of Tom Ford. One morning at the historical Gucci palace in via delle Caldaie in Florence, I entered a completely dark room just to see a mannequin in the middle of it, but when I looked closer, it was Mr. Ford himself! He was just sitting very still because he was concentrating for a long working day. As a personality, he was charismatic, a great team leader and a true gentleman!
  • During the time when Frida Giannini was the Creative Director, I had the pleasure to meet her for a job posting. I was completely blown away by her kindness and intelligence. Ever since, whenever she would see me in the company, she would always say hi to me personally.
  • Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to meet Alessandro Michele in person, I only saw him at a few company meetings. However, I believe he is a man with highly positive attitude and a strong vision.

You also worked with other Kering Group brands like Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, YSL and many more. What has been your favourite project?

As my first creative services project, I did a research for YSL advertising campaign and it turned out incredibly well! I was happy to see that the Creative Director chose one of the models I suggested to him, it was an important confirmation of a job well done. It was Devon Aoki shot by Juergen Teller on the roof of Opera de Paris.

Before working in the industry, you completed Bachelor of Arts and went for International Marketing & Communication MBA. How did you make the decision to get into Marketing?

I think that I have always had the passion for Marketing and Communication. When I started the university, there were no specific Communication degrees so I talked to many professionals and they suggested me to start with a Bachelor of Arts first, and then, attend a Master course. And that’s what I did.

Is there anything you wish you had learned that would be useful in your current work right now?

Yes, I would be happy to have a better knowledge of French language! Even though I have a B1 diploma, I would want to be fluent and work in Paris, in the city I love. Also, having an expert knowledge in Graphic Design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Premiere Pro would be very useful.

With Fashion Marketing & Communication being an immensely popular choice of career path for many young people, what would you recommend them to be successful at it?

To be themselves! To be a passionate person with a lot of interests and a proper training experience. A good knowledge of the above and below the line marketing is important and a Master degree can turn out to be very useful.


On the most memorable day in Gucci: I attended my first Gucci fashion show in Milan. It was the Spring/Summer 2006 season.

If you could own any art piece in the world, it would be … a piece of Keith Haring

The most iconic Gucci pieces: The Bamboo Bag, the Horsebit Loafer, the “Web” (green-red-green)

Your favorite film: “La Strada” directed by Federico Fellini, Oscar winner in 1957

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