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Building an international network, benefitting from a competitive edge and discovering fresh ideas are not the only advantages when it comes to working abroad. According to Harvard Business Review research, people with an international experience or with more than one nationality display more creativity and are better problem solvers. For this reason, at G&M Fashion Career, we make sure to have plenty of opportunities for Fashion Professionals to work abroad.

We already talked about the perks of living in Spain here but in case you were wondering what is it like to work in Switzerland, we summarized some of the best reasons to consider making the move:

Quality of life

Switzerland has an incredible reputation of being safe, clean and efficient, and this is exactly why cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Bern are consistently ranked amongst top 10 for Quality of living and Personal safety.

Magnificent views

The images speak for themselves..

International environment

Diversity enriches! Working together with colleagues who have experienced lifestyles in different countries and companies sets up an environment full of creativity and innovation. In Fashion, this is particularly handy!


Do you like traveling? Thanks to its central location in Europe, it is very convenient to take a break and fly anywhere in the world. The busiest airports in Zurich, Geneva and Basel are major contributors to bringing over 40 million travelers to Switzerland.


The country has one of the most favorable taxation system globally, meaning more disposable income in your hands!


Amongst the top 5 of happiest countries in the world, people in Switzerland find it rewarding to enjoy outstandingly beneficial social factors ranging from healthy economy to public services and political stability.

If you think advancing in your Fashion career and living in an excellent country at the same time is something you would enjoy, we encourage you to get in touch via to find out the vacancies we have in Switzerland!


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