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Lately, I have been asked the same question by candidates when going to an interview- “What should I wear?”. Yes, they work in the fashion industry, and yes, sometimes designers and other creatives need help with this kind of issue. Therefore, I decided to write this article. I hope it helps!

Reflect the company essence

You are not expected to wear the designer’s name from head to toes. Study the name of the brand and the overall feel, you will be dressing for the position that you want and give the idea that you are the right fit for the company.

Black is the new black

When in doubt, black is your saver.

Don’t overdo it

I know those fishnets tights are a big hit right now, but be careful! Try to go on trend but always with a clean and professional style.

If you are interviewing with a young and urban brand, try to use just 1 big trendy item- don’t use all together.

If you are interviewing with a high-end brand, opt for your best blazer and a designer signature bag.

Good shoes take you to good places

Don’t stress out if you are not a big fan of high heels. Nowadays you have limitless options, from the chic sport shoes, to the glamorous loafers and even unlimited styles of ankle boots.

Original blog post written by our Recruitment Consultant and Account Manager Julieta Cangas, find it on her LinkedIn page

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