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As part of our Inclusivity & Diversity week we wanted to give you an example of what it means to be a young advocate in the fashion, beauty and luxury industry and show you that everyone can do their part in creating change. Meet Ananya Rajpoot, a young professional from the luxury industry who moved from India to France to chase her dream career.

Hi Ananya, Can you introduce please yourself?

Hello Everyone! It’s great to collaborate with G&M Fashion Career again! I describe myself as a Persuasive ENTP-A Personality, with the talent of a visionary leader & skill of an adaptable team-mate; who survives on huge mugs of coffee! I am from India, & based in Paris. I am a young, brown woman trying to navigate her way in the luxury fashion & beauty industry in the area of Media & Influencer Marketing. I am also proudly part of Woman@Dior.

In your current job position, do you have any responsibilities & tasks that involve diversity and inclusivity?

In my opinion, it’s everyone’s job to be an advocate of Diversity & Inclusion in their personal & professional network. I always stay true to this ‘job’ of mine, if you may call it that. For example- casting models/influencers from diverse backgrounds, races etc. for upcoming campaigns. However, I do not have an assigned designation for the topic. 

We noticed that you personally, on your own social media channels, advocate for these topics. Can you share with us what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean to you?

For me it’s a very personal topic – as a woman & that of colour, I have seen closely what happens when organisations & people do not care enough about these topics. This is why I try using my voice to advocate about the topic.  I describe it as safe, respectful & positive environments that empower & nurture everyone equally by acknowledging & accepting all our differences.

What do you think the future of diversity looks like in fashion?

I see it moving in a positive direction; from within companies, with employees voicing their opinions leading to changes on ground-level & also, with pressure to change from the side of consumers.

What do you think companies/brands should be doing to be more inclusive?

Being diverse & inclusive can help brands really outperform their competitors; by maintaining a healthy gender ratio, good mix of ethnic backgrounds & train and educate employees at every level about the topic.

What do you personally do in your daily life or work-life to promote inclusivity?

I consciously train myself to not assume or fall prey to stereotypes when meeting new people & make an effort to be more aware of my privileges too! The right balance is not only to see how I am a victim but also know, if there are certain areas where I get certain societal benefits. More than that, I proactively educate myself & others around the topic in any & every way.

What advice would you give to someone trying to create change and be more knowledgeable about the topic?

Read, Learn, Listen & Apply! Be mindful of the struggles of others & your privileges, do not demean or diminish them in any manner. Also, do not be afraid to make mistakes, accept them & move on with the learnings.

Do you want to know more about how Ananya achieved her international career in renowned brands? Watch our webinar ‘International Career: How to build a successful path’ here.

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