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We know, We know you have heard it over and over. But here we are to tell you again. Internships in fashion are ESSENTIAL! Internships do not only bring you the hands-on experience that you couldn’t have otherwise, but they are the best way to get your foot into the very important world of networking.

We all are aware of the difficulties starting off in Fashion, especially as a graduating student. We have all seen the terrifying rumours of what working in fashion seems like in the beginning (#thedevilwearsprada). Well, its not necessarily true, in fact the fashion industry can be very open and welcoming to students that are able to bring a fresh vision and approach. It only makes sense right? How does a young fashion graduate find a job that requires experience and expertise? Internships! They are the best way to get your foot in the door. In the competitive world of fashion, the benefits of having done internships will place you ahead of the pack. In fact, many employers favor profiles that have completed one or even more internships.

How can you make the most out of your internship?

Get networking, market yourself! Once you feel comfortable in your surroundings, try and create professional relationships with your co-workers. Show interest in their expertise and what they can teach you. During your internship you should try and learn from as many sources/people as possible. Do not just stick to your role but try and absorb information from different processes.

I knew that I wanted to intern at 'Teen Vogue' from the moment the first issue hit newsstands. Luckily, the team at Polo Ralph Lauren, where I interned during high school, really believed in me and arranged for an interview with the editors.

Emily Weiss , Glossier Founder & CEO

Also a bonus #GMtip is working in retail for a period of time (for any kind of sector you would like to enter), fashion companies really appreciate when candidates have worked in stores as it shows experience in working directly with products and customers.


  • Before you arrive to your first day of interning, DO your research! Know about your company, its employees and most importantly, the supervisors you’ll be directly reporting to.
  • DO a search to see if your brand or company has been in the news recently, so you’re informed!
  • DO take initiative! There should never be a moment at your internship when you’re sitting around doing nothing: there’s always something to be done. If you weren’t assigned any tasks, find something that needs to be done.
  • DO every task with enthusiasm. Even the most boring and meaningless tasks, treat them like they are the most important tasks.


  • DON’T be afraid to ask questions. Remember that your supervisor and co-workers have a full day of work and tasks ahead of them everyday, which means they might forget to explain something to you. So don’t be afraid to ask them if you don’t understand or are curious about something.
  • We know its tempting, but DON’T sit and scroll on your phone! That’s not a good look. Be professional. 
  • DON’T finish the internship without asking for feedback. Make sure you have the opportunity to sit with your mentor/supervisor and ask them for constructive criticism, feedback and even any advice they may have for you in your future.

Finding an internship is not as hard as you may think. Use online sources such as BoF Careers, FashionJobs  and Vogue Business Talent. If you have specific companies and brands in mind, check their career pages on their own websites and their LinkedIn pages. 

Are you still feeling unsure or just simply need the extra guidance? Feel free to contact us,  our career expert can help you start pathing the way for your career, overview your CV, train you for interviews and much more.

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