Interview Preparation

Many have great potential and an experienced profile, but struggle to express themselves and sell their added value during an interviews. Our review service will prepare you to show yourself, explain your experiences and skills and show your personality in any interview you will face in your career. Our career expert will prepare you to be able to answer questions effectively, mind your body language and express yourself professionally.

Your dedicated consultant at G&M will guide you through the steps on how to nail your next interview through a one-to-one video call (30-45 min).



At G&M, we interview talents from all over the world placing them for our leading clients from the industry. Along our journey, we learned to identify key aspects that will help you nail your interview and leave a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for your first job or seeking your next professional challenge, we’ll save you precious time and give you the right tools to make the difference with your interview


  1. Your dedicated consultant at G&M will contact you to guide you through the steps to present yourself and your experiences, and most importantly leave a lasting impression.
  2. Within 5 working days, we’ll schedule a one-to-one video call (30-45 min) where we will answer all your doubts and introduce you our recommendations
  3. We’ll of course remain available for a follow up and any questions you may have.


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