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Our strong experience in recruiting gave us the opportunity to meet experts in several fields (working in companies such as LVMH, Kering, Richemont, etc.), who are keen to tell their stories and inspire our talent’s community. For this reason, we are now combining our approach and network, to create interactive Webinars, born to help professionals and students to work on their future and empower their career.

Over the last decade, we have seen that many students and people in our sector looking for a growth or change, face similar challenges and difficulties. Our online Masterclasses are here to support them in specific thematic and guide them whenever they need it.

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" Design your Fashion Career "

We created the first career workshops entirely dedicated to the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury industry. We aim to empower and teach! You’ll leave the class with a specific and tangible action plan so you can get on the road towards doing the work you love. We’ll help you compile a step-by-step and clear strategy from building your network to approaching job-hunting in a completely new way. Our workshops are pro-active and include activities that are designed to challenge yourself, apply what you learned, and test your understanding.

We’ll focus on several areas to cover all you need to know about how to manage & plan your career:


We'll give you an overview of the business and job market, including the company's requirements depending on their positioning or a specific role, but also variables and trends affecting your career (new jobs, innovation, sustainability, etc.).


From the first impression (CVs, LinkedIn, website, social media, etc.), to the interview preparation and beyond, we'll present you tools and methods that will help you to communicate effectively at early stages.


Create your strategy and make the difference! We'll teach you how to target the right people and companies (market mapping), personalize your applications, and be well prepared all along your recruitment process.
Job Search | G&M Fashion Career


We'll share with you some key reflections and analysis to work on your personal development and self-awareness. This is an essential step for you to build your career plan and create your opportunities.


Our industry is hard to conquer but there is nothing you can’t reach with dedication, resilience, and the right means. By assisting to our workshops, you will leave the class with the following benefits:


Take control of your career development to finally achieve your dreamed path. We'll help you to build a solid plan of action based on your experience, strengths, weaknesses, wishes and the realty of our market.


Your experience, skill set and personality are unique and so should be your strategy to stand out from the crowd. Precisely for this, we'll support you to find the way that will lead you to the next step you are looking for.


You’ll learn a concrete approach that shows you the importance of improving your know-how of the industry, using the right tools for your job search, and identifying your strongest assets to communicate them efficiently.

A wise perspective

You will see your current job search strategy from an experienced headhunter & recruiter's point of view. Our workshop will be the perfect occasion to receive a qualified analysis and enhance your career growth.

A network

We offer you the chance to grow your professional network in Barcelona, meet people in our domain that come from different backgrounds and share with them your experience.

An opportunity

By attending our events, we'll show you the best way to apply and get the companies you are targeting, to know you.

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