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Lucie Scull

Lucie Scull

Freelance Copywriter

In case you hadn’t seen or heard, Bottega Veneta has shut down all of their social media. All their accounts are no where to be found! No announcement, no explanation, nothing. A move that has left everyone in the fashion industry shocked and intrigued. 

We can’t help but speculate the reasoning behind this decision. Especially considering most brands and designers have flocked to social media in a desperate attempt to boost sales as all stores across the globe, at some point or another, have been shut due to COVID-19. The majority can agree that the demand for new clothes has decreased since countries have been on Government-issued lockdowns for months, limiting all social outings. So this leads us to wonder why Bottega Veneta boldly decided to cut off their online presence.

Or on the contrary, can this daring statement simply be a cleverly planned publicity stunt? In a world where everything is readily available, by the click of a button, is distancing yourself the perfect way to gain more interest? We cannot deny the digital world is incredibly over-saturated and standing out from your competition has become near impossible, but is no social media the new social media? 

The air of mystery that now surrounds Bottega Veneta has definitely created a lot of interest and speculation. Needless to say, the fashion industry is eagerly waiting for their next move. Or perhaps, this was simply a technical glitch that has been blown vastly out of proportion. 

We would love to hear your thoughts about this new trend! Do you think its a great strategy for brands or do you think its way too risky? Leave us a comment below!

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