We all are aware of the difficulties if starting off in the Fashion industry, especially as a graduating student. We have all seen the terrifying rumours of what the fashion industry seems like in the beginning (#thedevilwearsprada). Well, its not necessarily true, in fact the fashion industry is very open and welcoming to students as they are usually the ones able to bring a fresh vision and approach to companies. Always keeping in mind, naturally, that you have to accept certain conditions and adapt in order to reach certain milestones. Here are 5 #GMtips on how to kick-start your career in any area in fashion :

1. The Golden rule: Don’t Waste time!

        Yes.. we know, your college years are made for having fun, finding yourself, travelling and naturally studying. BUT… what students don’t realise is that these years are the most important to start crafting and creating your profile as the hidden gem in between the pool of students that will be looking for jobs after graduating. This being said, during your scholastic years it is imperative that you seize every opportunity that may come your way. Everyone has to start somewhere, and any relevant work experience will get you brownie points. From applied projects, to volunteer work and summer internships – will all create added factors when applying for future positions. Also a bonus #GMtip is working in retail for a period of time (for any kind of area you would like to enter), fashion companies really appreciate when candidates have worked in stores as it shows experience in working directly with products and customers.

2. Network like a boss!

Get networking, market yourself! Unfortunately for the shy ones, networking is one of the most strategic methods to get you going in your Fashion career. Creating contacts and mentors can come in handy more than you might think. The easiest way to do so is attending fashion events, networking events and workshops where you should introduce yourself and get to know other professionals in the industry. When doing so, remember to stand out and make a lasting impression… and of course, don’t forget to get their email address.

3. Get prepared!

Do not wait until the last-minute to apply for jobs or get in contact with companies. Work on your CV, cover letter and portfolio (if required) and get professional advice if needed. Set aside dedicated time to attempt to find the jobs you really want on your CV, and apply! It may feel like a dead-end in the beginning but the industry may surprise you with an opportunity made just for you. Remember that working in the fashion industry is not chasing a rags-to-riches dream, it is much more than that – it takes hard work and dedication to get you to where you dream to be. In this industry, like many others, you never stop growing & learning.

4. Use your interviews wisely!

   Most of the time, job interviews are do-or-die encounters.. if after your interview the employer/recruiter does not even remember your skills it is a bad sign. You need to be extensively prepared for interviews, so firstly do your research on the company! Secondly, know how to present yourself in a concise and informatory way – don’t be wishy-washy. Third, show your personality! Your personality can create a higher chance of you being remembered and ultimately hired. If you are asked where you see yourself in 10 years or why you want to work for their company, say something specific, not a: “I just really love fashion” kind of answer. No one wants to hear that. And lastly, always follow-up, it shows motivation and perseverance. And always remember that even if in that interview you don’t get the given job, it might open doors for other opportunities in the future, it’s also part of the networking process.

5. Make realistic plans!

It may seem like an obvious principle, but many candidates accept jobs without realising that it may not be feasibly and culturally possible for them or even helpful for their career path. It’s essential to understand where your talent & skills lie, grasping the company culture and if this mix fits in with your career path. Evaluate the opportunity at 360 degrees: feasibility, culture, location and personal goals. Being realistic will help you to not keep jumping from job to job, and not to find yourself in jobs you don’t have a passion for, which in this industry is indispensable.

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By Camilla Ottaviani

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