Shows and movies that will influence the fashion industry in 2021

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Let’s be honest: we’re all currently looking for fashion inspiration for the coming months. By now, the majority of us are over wearing corsets inspired by Netflix’s “Bridgerton“ and it’s been almost two years since “Euphoria“’s Maddy made us all want to get the I.AM.GIA cutout pants. But what about 2021? Our blog post covers some of the most fashionable upcoming movies and shows that will most likely inspire all of our fashion choices in the upcoming months.

1. Gossip Girl Reboot

Back in 2007, we were first introduced to New York’s elite teens Serena, Blair, Chuck, and Nate. Viewers all around the world went crazy for their glamorous 2000’s looks and now it looks like we will soon meet the newest affluent kids of Manhattan in the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot. New characters, a new storyline and most importantly, new looks. We can all be excited for the new trends this reboot will bring especially because Gossip Girl’s original costume designer Eric Daman will be involved again. Judging from @gossipgirl’s Instagram account it looks like we can expect a mixture of preppy private school looks, cool and oversized skater vibes but also shiny and glittery party looks.

2. Last Night In Soho

Expected to premiere in October 2021, Last night in Soho stars ‘The Queen’s Gambit’s’ Anya Taylor-Joy, a psychological thriller taking place in Soho, London during the 1960s. We predict that, not only the styling will be memorable, but also the storyline itself has some fashionable twists as it revolves around a young designer who finds herself suddenly appearing in the decade, while she gets to know the look, life, and feel of the ’60s.

3. Dollhouse

This fashionable horror movie produced by and possibly even starring Selena Gomez is a unique and unexpected fashion influence this year. The movie set in New York City will revolve around the city’s fashion industry. Unfortunately, not much more is known about the psychological thriller yet, but there has been talk about the movie comparing to Academy Award-winning thriller Black Swan which definitely left a mark on the fashion industry in 2011.

4. The Pursuit of Love

Set between the two World Wars in Europe, The Pursuit of Love is a romantic drama featuring Lily James. The series will introduce us to interesting characters and their adventurous love stories and we can also except a lot of incredible outfits inspired by that era. In a preview of the show, the characters can be seen wearing intricate floral, pencil skirts, spectacular coats and hats. The drama creates mixed feelings of luxury, retro vibes, and a playful party atmosphere.

5. Friends Reunion

If The Gossip Girl reunion wasn’t enough fashion nostalgia for you yet, get ready for the Friends reboot (by the way, its already available to watch!). After the ending of the popular TV show in 2004, we can once be excited for Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler, and Joeys’ continued stories but also their memorable 90’s style. Back then, the outfits of Jennifer Aniston who plays Rachel Green, even reached a point of popularity which led Ralph Laurent to launch a whole line inspired by her in 2019. It will be interesting to see how the stylists pick up the signature 90’s style of slip dresses, plaid skirts, and mom jeans and give it a modern twist. Nevertheless, we’re sure that the Friends reboot will inspire our wardrobes in 2021 just the way it did in the year 2000.

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