Looking for a job, where do I start? – One Question with G&M Fashion Career

Looking for a job can be daunting we know! We have put together a step by step on how to approach your job hunt.



  • Start by assessing and evaluate your current position or situation! If you have been looking for jobs without success is time to deep assess your strategy: what are you doing wrong? Are you targeting the wrong position? Is your communication really effective? Are you being active enough?
  •  If you haven’t started yet, first understand what you are looking for in your next challenge and define your target. When thinking about your next job role look at your abilities & skillsets, but keep in mind your bounds and limits (job requirements, location, work permits etc.) this will help you narrow down your strategy. Finally, be active! Look for opportunities on all job boards, network & connect with people, make research & expand your knowledge on new brands, keep up to date with company news and announcements, take part in forums, alumni groups etc.

 2.    CommYOUnication

  • Now that you have a clear strategy in mind… how do you communicate your profile? When it comes to your CV, cover letter, portfolio and any tool you may use we like to follow one simple golden rule: Quality over Quantity. Focus on what is important to who you are targeting, keep your points clear and concise. Give space to all your skillsets and back them up with example, results & achievements.

 Here are some extra #GMtips:

  • Fashion students, this is a good time for seasonal roles! Try get some experience in a sales position: you will get a great knowledge about consumer behavior and about how companies drive their most important business unit.
  • Be patient with people (HH, HR, etc.) and always remember that your relational skills are always under the microscope from the first contact they receive from you.
  • Try and personalize all your communication efforts, you are more likely to get the attention of who you are addressing!

If after all that work, you got the right interview…PREPARE WELL! But that’s a topic for another day!

Sacha Milazzo Mercier

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