London Fashion Week 2021 – The Virtual Age

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Whilst it’s been a year since the last official physical fashion show, the cancelation of a physical London Fashion Week, which is due this month, still hits hard. Fashion Weeks might be manic, crazy, and filled with outfit changes but they are a huge highlight in the fashion industry. The BFC did announce however, that some shows will take place digitally as some sort of a compromise with Covid. The LFW will take place from 19-23 February.

For the BFC this isn’t unheard of, last June and September they also had to resort to a digital fashion week to remain as Covid safe as possible. Whilst they were a huge success, we were all hoping to see things return to ‘normal’ this time around. But this February we will ‘virtually’ see some changes. The audience will remain at home but the stages, models, and creations will (within covid regulations) go ahead. An upgrade from last year’s digital shows.

So what is actually going to happen this LFW?

LFW 2021 as we know will be digital and will be Menswear and Womenswear combined. An unusual combination for a fashion week but a long time coming in terms of the rise of gender fluidity within clothing. The tight schedule will see 95 different designers, including 34 womenswear, 22 menswear, 29 combined, and 10 accessory designers. There are also 27 designers designated to the Show Room which will have its own personal digital channel that’ll be accessible throughout the week. Instead of rushing from location to location, you’ll be able to access all the behind the scenes in the ‘Explore Section’. Within that sector, you’ll find the BFC Fashion Forum Podcast, the LFW Designer Diaries, LFW Playlist Series ‘What Does Fashion Sound Like?’ and more!  

Whereas this LFW won’t be the same or as good as the hustle and bustle of a physical Fashion Week, it will certainly be more sustainable. Let alone easier on the feet and allow us to see show after show without missing a thing due to traffic jams!

You can find the full schedule here.

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