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Meet Alina Stetcu, Influencer & Blogger who, in her free time, created her blog ‘Girl is Art’ in 2016 with the sole purpose of creating a digital space where she could express herself as well as curating her instagram as a content creator. We asked Alina some questions about what it takes to start a career in the influencer industry.

1.Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself? (Age, where you come from, where you live, your studies and your job title)

My name is Alina Stectu. I am a Romanian girl living in Italy ( Milano ) since 2010. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology. I actually came here to continue my studies. I wanted to do a master in Clinical Psychology but that never happened. At the moment I work as a receptionist in a pharmaceutical company and content creator in my free time. 

2. Can you tell us about how you started your blog and why you decided to do so?

 When I finished high school and had to choose what I am going to study next, my first option was Art, but the presence to classes was mandatory and in order to study I had to work to pay for the university so I chose Psychology which was my second option because I always had this curiosity, what stays behind the human action, and the presence wasn’t mandatory so I could keep the job and be present only for the exams. But you know, the first love is never forgotten. I felt the need to express myself in some sort of way and in 2016 I created Girlisart, thinking at Girls/Women as the highest form of art. I wasn’t sure what it would be about, I just did it. It slowly developed in fashion.

3. If you could describe your influencer brand in 3 words, what would they be? and why?

This is difficult to answer. I’m still in the phase of discovering myself creatively. I don’t think I’m this or that. I’m in constant change. Usually the way I see myself is never the way people see me. I’m always surprised when I read DM s from girls telling me how much they love my vintage style. I don’t see my pictures or my clothes vintage. Some brands told me they chose to work with me because they love my romantic style, but I never look at my feed and think “ oh, this is romantic”, so I really can’t answer with 3 words but just with one because that I know for sure; Editorial! I like to transmit something through my pictures. I don’t know exactly what, but when someone sees a photo of me, I want him/her to think something more than “just another pretty face/body”.


4. Have you collaborated with any brands? If so which one stood out to you the most and why? (Could you Kindly tell us about the collaboration)

 Yes, I’ve collaborated with many brands in these 4 years. I like them all for different reasons. Some for the work ethic, some for the attention that they give to environmental issues, choosing to recycle and use less harmful ways in producing their collection, the ones that create timeless pieces putting a break on consumerism, etc. What I love about this job is that we have the opportunity to meet amazing people and become friends. Two of them gave my name to their creations, an entire spring/summer collection was named after me. It’s a huge honor and joy to live such things.


5. What elements inspire you and your aesthetic?

 Open spaces, nature, light and shadow, colors. These elements can be seen in almost all of my pictures. I don’t believe in the perfect feed, in following a theme. This is an old thing that is limiting our creativity! So many accounts are looking the same. It’s such a shame. I believe in originality, in inspiring pictures even if that means a messy feed. I don’t want to look at a feed as a total. I want to look at each picture separately and be inspired.


6. What fashion or non-fashion brand inspires you the most?

There are so many out there doing a great job at so many levels. The classics will always remain the greatest but for the new generation, and what I see as a great example of hard work is paying off, “you can do it too”, is Amina Muaddi. She’s half Romanian and maybe this is what makes me like her even more, but her shoe line is so fresh and original. She really brought to the table something new at such a young age. She has all my admiration. 


7. What influencer do you follow that you repute to be a great example in the industry?

Well I cannot think at anyone else but Doina Ciobanu. She was the first talking about every single uncomfortable subject in regard to fashion industry and environmental issues. She had the courage to call out big names and make hard questions. She’s not just about pretty outfits and beautiful travel destinations, she really cares and wants to have an impact on the environment. And she inspired big influencers to do the same. Ellie aka @slipintostyle has an amazing colorful style, she is so passionate about what she’s doing and she always uses her voice to speak about the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Her stories are very educational. Another one that I like for her creativity is Flicka Elisa. She’s mixing so well cinematography with fashion. I love it 


8. What is your opinion on the influencer industry? Do you think it will change or evolve?

After a decade of people influencing others by posting, from what they wear to what they had for dinner and where they are going on vacation, there are still some who laugh at the influencers telling them to get a real job. I think we need to give them the credit they deserve. A lot of brands were born and are now known thanks to influencers and Instagram. Big brands have exchanged printed magazines for influencers and scored huge sales. I’m not sure how it will evolve because we live in such uncertain times. Designers have to figure this out, huge fashion houses changed the schedule they had for decades. 2020 came with big surprises for everyone. We will wait and see, but I’m sure influencers will always be needed. You can’t really convince someone to buy your clothes if no one else is already wearing them.

9. What is your life motto? That you use to keep yourself motivated.

 I think it’s “Little by little becomes a lot”. My sister Lucia ‘introduced’ me to this quote, it was her motto in her University years, and I recently woke up in the morning with this quote in mind. I had the feeling that someone said it to me in my dream, as a reminder not to give up and do what I can with what I have because even if now seems like it’s not enough, Little by little becomes a lot and I will succeed.


10. Do you have any advice to our readers who might want to start their own blog or become an influencer like you?

Well, the journey is different for everyone, but a key note in this field is to be consistent. This is easy if you are passionate. Where passion is, obstacles disappear. I see people who would like to do it but they are limiting themselves through the lack of material things like a professional camera or expensive clothing. I started with clothes from the local market which costs me the price of a gelato. Your smartphone combined with your passion should be enough when you feel like you have something to say. And don’t think about “what would people say”! You do this for yourself not for anyone else. You’re here to discover yourself and your creativity, not to please someone. And please, please don’t try to fit in. Just be who you are. People need more like you because everyone is playing safe in this game and they blend in so well that they disappear. I’m talking about the copy paste feed, copy paste outfits. Don’t do that. 

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