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You don’t get a second chance to make a good impression. We all get nervous when it comes to selecting an outfit for an important event: a job interview, a presentation for a new client, or that big meeting with our boss. The Coronavirus pandemic has left the majority of us working from home in our pyjamas, and the thought of getting dressed up for a virtual meeting can seem like an ever increasing effort. But, even though the end of the pandemic is in sight, companies have adapted their work methods and as we continue into 2021 it is plausible that virtual meetings will remain an integral part of our lives. So,  it is important that we treat these meetings like we would in the real world. When it comes to choosing your outfit for your next business Zoom call remember that how you present yourself is a reflection of you. You want to dress appropriately, and appear professional in front of your peers. Thus, we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to dress for your next Zoom call, hopefully relieving you of some of the stress.

1. Consider the Dress Code

It can be easy to go overboard with your fashion choices when you are meeting people through a screen – potentially as a way of compensating because you are not meeting in person.

“Maybe if I wear this bright blouse it will show my bubbly and fun personality”.

Yes, clothes can be a way of expressing yourself. However, in a business setting you want your clothes to show that you are professional, confident and well put together. You want to appear presentable but not distracting. If you wear something loud and extravagant people tend to remember that over what you said. You don’t want your clothes to distract from the words coming from your mouth – which will show your amazing personality/why you should be hired/how hard you have worked on this months project. Another important point to remember is that the person on the other side of the screen is human too. They understand the difficult times the world, as a whole, is going through, and they won’t expect you to be sat at your kitchen table dressed to the nines. If you are struggling with the dress code ‘business casual’ is a safe bet.

2. Remember the Bottom Half!

As tempting as it seems to only get half dressed and leave your pyjama bottoms on under the table, because ‘they won’t see it’, we recommend putting on some proper bottoms. Complete your look! You never know when something unexpected could force you to stand up, revealing your bunny print pj’s (that your mum got you for Christmas) to the annual company meeting. In addition – to avoiding humiliation – getting dressed can be a form of self care. These rituals that used to be part of our everyday lives are now gone. Thus, take the time to enjoy selecting your outfit and the process of getting ready.

3. Wear Something You Feel Confident In

It is no secret that what you wear can help boost your mood and people’s perception of you, the art of power dressing has been around since the 80’s. Wearing the right outfit really can make you feel more confident. If you think that blouse doesn’t compliment your skin tone then dismiss it, and wear one that does. Wear your favourite skirt, or your lucky blazer. When we dress well we carry ourselves differently, we sit a little taller and smile a little wider. Wear an outfit that you feel confident in, and your self confidence will ooze through the screen. And, don’t forget to accessorise! A simple pair of earrings, or that necklace you love, can complete your look and make you feel like a million dollars.

To round up, if you are unsure of the dress code it is always best to go with the smarter option. If you love bright prints and colours try to opt for a solid colour (instead of prints or different colors), if you are not sure, you can’t go wrong with more muted tones. Furthermore, remember your bottom half as you don’t want any awkward moments if you suddenly need to stand in front of the camera. Additionally, getting dressed can be good for the soul, so take your time to savour this moment. Lastly, confidence is key. Remember to wear something your comfortable and confident in to boost your mood and feelings of self belief. But, most importantly, if you are worried about what to wear to your next Zoom call, remember that you are not the only one. We have been thrown into this virtual world of work. Everyone is trying to navigate their way through this new digital landscape, and we hope that these tips will help ease your video-call worries.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I’ve been working remotely for weeks now, and I was looking for some fashion advices for my Zoom meetings!

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