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At G&M Fashion Career, we strive to inspire you, realize your full potential, and arm you with the know-how to make a lasting impression in this competitive field.  As recruiters we receive many job applications every single day and know what makes a candidate stand out.

We understand the creative industry can be a minefield but with our renowned support, we can lead you in the direction to excel in your desired field. We offer support in two forms: 

  1. Career Coaching: for now done through video call, 60-90 minute per session (tailored and curated one-to-one support in all your application tools and creating a plan just for you)
  2. Review Services: 30-45 minute video call (CV Review, LinkedIn Review, Portfolio Review and Cover Letter Review) 

P.S ALL our services include special prices for students! Book your spot here.

Our Career Coaching is a tailored service dedicated to enhancing your personal and professional growth. To do that we have broken it down into five steps:

  1. Our first step is about analysing your current strategy to see if there are any gaps or faults that could be improved, we also define what your goals and objectives are.
  2.  We next create a job search strategy tailored to your needs and wants. It’s essential to have a clear focus and method to ensure all aspects of job searching, such as networking and market mapping, which are covered in this step. 
  3. In the third step, we will review all your job application tools. Assessing your CV, Cover Letters, LinkedIn profile and Portfolio (if needed) to ensure you are clear and concise across all of them. We will help you curate and target each tool to your goals.
  4.  The fourth step is where we begin creating a new tailored strategy to help you make the perfect Job application/s. Supporting you in each step of the way.
  5. Finally in step five we give you our top tips and tutorials to ace your interviews! We will remain at your disposal to support you in case you may need some further support or advice.

If you don’t necessarily feel the need for a full coaching then our Review Services are perfect for you. Our different Review Services focus on one application tool and will help you communicate more effectively and stand out in a pool of candidates. 

We offer four individual services that will be tailored to match your specific needs. We aim to make you stand out from your peers by optimizing your CV, editing your Cover Letter, enhancing your portfolio and helping utilize your LinkedIn profile. Or you can opt for the full package which includes all four services. 

Whether you choose our Career Coaching or Review Service, our experts will make sure that you’re crafting a unique personal brand that highlights your added value and attracts your future employer. Click here to find out more and book.

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